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Healthy life Date: Mar 17th @ 12:39pm EDT
Hello everyone and thank you for reading my today's blog. Everyone knows how important is to have a balance in our life ( from all points of view ). For today, I decided to share with you a point of view : how to eat healthy and to fulfill your culinary lusts. I know for a lot of us is a difficult subject, but...we are WINNERS ! So, if somebody will like to try a part of my lifestyle, please listen just few things and you will feel more happy, healthy and not tired maybe from time to time :
1) Everyone love a juice when is a hot temperature outside, right? Wrong decision to satisfy our dehydration ( even naturaly juices ) - the best option is the natural flat water. ALWAYS.
2) Bread - this is a difficult subject ( cause exist black bread, bread with seeds and so on ). The best solution to satisfy your temptation of the bread, is to have 1-2 slice of bread in the morning when is the most important meal ( besides of the morning and not everyday, we shall avoid the bread, because makes us to not feel always comfortable ). The bread have a big role for our body shape, remember this !
3) Sweets - nobody will refuse sweets hahaha, BUT...we have to resist at this temptation as well ( or to eat organic one's, who are more ok regarding the calories ).

If we will follow those 3 big steps, everyone already will have a big improvement in his / her personal life and will live the life totaly more beautiful ! Of course, some workout ( gym / running in the park is super welcome ). For a fully diet, the most recommended option is to check a special doctor on gastronomy ( because we have different lifestyles, different necesary things in our bodies ).
I hope those words, to help everyone like helped me as well for a more healthy life (K). Kisses and please everyone stay healthy ! With Love, Amy Blair !
What I feel in this moment Date: Jan 5th @ 3:21pm EST
A new year just started few days ago. I wanna write few words for everyone who will be able to see this. 1st of all, I hope from all my heart to be a more peaceful one and the people to be more kindness in most situations. To be good, is not a bad thing ( even will exist persons who will say is a wrong thing ). Help when you can anybody ( even an animal - cause it have a heart and soul who need love and careless as well ). Always when I did something good, my soul and heart is fulfil of peace, love and tenderness. 2ndly, 99.99% have something proposed to be achieved till on 31 December 2022...well, I hope everyone will do what proposed ! Might exist people who don't have also nothing proposed ( maybe YET ). Every dream will become reality in the end, the most important thing is to wish it for real ( I tried and for me was a success ). In the end and the most important thing in my oppinion, is to not forget who we are...people with warm hearts, big souls and always ready to do something good for anyone ( including ourselves in the end as well ). I wish from all my heart this words to not argue nobody, is just what I felt to write today...and wanted to share it with Flirt4Free family ( starting with the most old members / models till the new ones as well ) !. Happy New Year and hope to make somebody smile after will read my words. With love and respect, Amy Blair (K).
Show respect to have respect back Date: Aug 27th @ 4:07am EDT
For today I decided to write about respect, that's what I had in mind before starting my day and wanted to share with you my oppinion about that. I think everyone should offer respect always, no matter what. If you will not show respect, more then sure a posible relationship ( friendship one, love one etc ) will not evoluate for sure and is posible to lose something important for you. So, the point of this blog, is to encourage the people to show more respect in any situations.
Smile everyday Date: Jun 10th @ 2:03pm EDT
As how the title saying, to smile everyday is an important thing for everyone. A day without smiling, is a lost day..this is my oppinion. Besides of beeing healthy, the smile is important everyday...a smile can make another person to like you, to be in love with you and your smile, or just to make somebody happy seeing you smile...Nobody should end a day without smile at least for one time, but that smile need to be of course honest and to come from the heart, to be natural. I am that kind of person who smile and laught as much I can everyday. Of course is important to have and a person who can put on your face a smile..well if you don't have somebody for the moment who can do that, I will like to do that. I just love to make people happy, to put a naturaly smile on their faces and to feel the happines in the end after a long day at work / bad day .
Music and dance is a way of happines Date: Mar 28th @ 1:03pm EDT
I love almost every kind of music and to dance everyday. When I am feel alone or a bit sad, I always put a song and start to dance when I am home or here with you. Music always will be a source of inspiration for me, to think different, to feel different and to see the people in a much nicely vision. I love to listen music everyday since I was young. Everywhere where I was, I had with my headphones and listened music to remain happy :)! In present, I listen music till I fall asleep :D.
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